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SmileFish Photobooth was founded by Professional Photographer, Lindsay Pullen in February 2015. With her background in Graphic Design and Photography, Lindsay sets SmileFish apart from the competition by offering the latest technology in the market, providing all professional equipment & lighting, top-notch template design, custom branding & props, and clear, professional-quality prints.

The name comes from Lindsay's original setup concept, a fisheye-lens photobooth. Since then, this fisheye photobooth company has quickly grown to offer other unique setups to suit a variety of event's needs. In early 2016, the high-end Mirror Booth was added and has swiftly become the talk of the town. Lindsay and her team are always super excited to show guests the booths, as most people have never experienced anything like it yet! And SmileFish is currently the only photobooth company in St. Augustine with both a Mirror booth!